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Designed to work around you

Courses are designed in ‘modules’ which allows you to progress with a minimum of financial commitment and at your own pace.

You have an assigned teacher who will work with you, get to know how you work and what you need to progress, and maximise your potential.

If you’ve learned Cornish before and know a little but aren’t sure where to pick up again you can get a free assessment.

Tuition by Skype and Zoom will help develop your pronunciation but there are also occasional  Yeth an Werin where you can meet-up in a pub and make friends with others learning Cornish, get some face-to-face attention from a teacher, play a few language games and practice conversation.   



    It was the distant narrative of Celtic community which, whilst at Exeter university studying a B.A.(Hons) in History and Society, first compelled Jaqi to follow a more Cornish pathway - one which she had long valued.  Mindful of publications such as John Angarrack’s book, Our Future is History [2002], in which he sets out how it is that Cornwall’s story and identity have become obscured over time, she began over subsequent years to immerse herself in Cornish activities, including pilot gig rowing, Cornish dance and, of course, in learning Kernewek.  The journey has so far proved to be an enjoyable and deeply satisfying one including that of now sharing her passion for Cornwall’s native language and unique culture as a tutor.

    One of Jaqi’s prime objectives is to make Kernewek as accessible to learn to understand, as well as easy to speak, as any language can be – even Spanish!

    Jaqi first became a Cornish Language Tutor in November 2016 having successfully completed a qualification NCFE Award

 (Level 3) in Education and Training.  In conjunction with Cornwall Ad.Ed. she began to develop a series of six-week beginners’ courses in Kernewek at classroom venues in Bude, Bodmin and St Dennis.  There are now four courses, Parts 1 – 4, and since the onset of Covid 19 these have also adapted well to online learning which is currently taught on a private basis.

    As a tutor in Kernewek Kemmyn, she is someone who loves to meet with like-minded people who want to know more about Cornwall’s own language and culture.

    In collaboration with Jerry Sethir, she is continuously working to create a range of fun and engaging resources for enthusiastic Cornish language learners whilst referring to key course language books including Holyewgh an Lergh and Skeul an Yeth.

Jaqi teaches beginners, introducing the basics and moving students on into the early intermediate stages of learning, creating a strong foundation for later learning.

An Dhyskadoryon - The Teachers


    Jerry’s first contact with Cornish Language was through seeing a few words and phrases on a picture-postcard as a teenager and being told that it was probably only used now by ‘the older people’, which seemed a bit of a shame!

    After leaving the Royal Air Force in ‘92 he decided that respect for Cornish culture demanded he learn the native language if he were to continue to live in Cornwall.  He subsequently undertook a five-year study of Kernewek at Saltash College, also studying elements of Cornish history and culture and general linguistics, and gained the Kesva an Taves Grade IV qualification (with distinction) in 2001, being accepted as a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow shortly afterwards.  He subsequently gained an NCFE Level 3 qualification in Education and Training.

    Initially, Jerry became an assistant in the class at Saltash College in which he had studied, where he gained experience in teaching.  He started his own adult evening class in Nanpean (St. Austell) in 2003 and added further classes in Bodmin, Camelford, Wadebridge and Bude in the following years, as well as providing online tuition for people outside of Cornwall.

    As well as teaching Kernewek, he has assisted in the delivery of projects run by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and the Maga office at Cornwall Council, gaining experience of teaching in both Primary and Secondary levels of formal education, primarily through these projects.

    Recent events have seen teaching in many areas move online and the quantity and quality of online teaching-resources is now beginning to catch-up with the concept of the virtual classroom, which is starting to provide opportunities to meet the challenges of delivering effective online tuition.  Jerry is now engaged in the development of resources to meet these challenges.

     Jerry’s role is to pick-up where Jaqi finishes and coach students through the later intermediate stage into more advanced knowledge of Cornish and onward to conversational fluency.  You can find Jerry’s contact email on the ‘Courses’ page.

    He is also a big fan of Tolkien’s works and his project to translate Lord of the Rings can be followed as it progresses on the ‘Projects’ page of this website.  You can contact Jerry at: